On Demand Webinars

Get started developing new relationships and maximizing existing ones with our 6-part recorded webinar series.

Part 1: How to Find and Grow Profitable Loans in Your Market: Listen to the recording here.

    • Tap into new markets to diversify your portfolio and develop lasting relationships. Learn to navigate today's market challenges and overcome the stricter lending guidelines that sometimes turn borrowers away. Acquire valuable new tools that will help you:
      • Improve net interest margin.
      • Harvest new business and build new, lasting relationships.
      • Nurture and grow existing ones.
      • Meet both your immediate and long-term needs.
      • Assist in mitigating your financial institution's risk.

Part 2: Your Prescription for Tapping into the Booming Healthcare Market

  • Listen to the recorded version now. You'll learn:

      • Key healthcare market trends.
      • How to harvest these new relationships and make them last.
      • How to more effectively mitigate risk.
      • Hurdles banks have traditionally faced in the healthcare segment – and how to overcome them.
      • How you can access this booming market today!

Part 3: Do You Have the Right Tools to Help Small Business Recovery and Growth?

    • Listen to the recording here.
    • Learn how you can:
      • Get involved in helping small business economic recovery and community development
      • Learn about the most effective tools to facilitate small business growth in your community
      • Learn how to identify and connect with the market with the best potential
      • Learn new ways to identify new relationships and develop new business, while supporting local businesses

Part 4: Alternative Financing for Your Unbankable and Under-Performing Business Clients

    • Listen to the recording here.
    • Learn how you can:
      • Develop Solutions for Dealing With Challenging Credits
      • Incubate Un-bankable Deals for a Future Return to the Bank
      • Never Have to Say “No” to a Commercial Loan Request Again
      • Ways to Cultivate New Relationships by Expanding Product Offerings
      • Create A Revenue Stream Today without Taking On Risk

Part 5: How Will Evolving Capital Requirements Impact Bank Profitability and Loan Pricing Practices?

  • Listen to the recording here.

    • Discussion topics include:
      • What impact will Basel III have on bank and product profitability? How can changing capital requirements be effectively factored into your pricing equation?
      • Learn a practical method to determine how much customer relationship profitability should factor into your pricing decisions.
      • Is your bank pricing based on the most important drivers of profitability? What are those key drivers and how should they impact the pricing decision?
      • What are regulators saying about best practices regarding documentation of pricing decisions? What is the most effective way to address documentation requirements?

Part 6: Exploring Valuable Niche Market Opportunities in C&I:

    • Listen to the recording here.
    • This web presentation will explore the unique characteristics and opportunities associated with three niche markets for commercial and industrial lending in the United States. We will be reviewing trends and working capital financing opportunities in:
      • transportation
      • oil & gas
      • staffing services
    • Each of these carry their own special risk, as well as potential reward, and that will be the basis for our discussion.
    • Some questions we will address include:
      • What are the current trends in each of these industries?
      • What other industries do they influence and how do they impact potential employment growth in the US?
      • What are the typical financing needs within these industries?
      • What issues should your organization be aware of when financing these industry sectors?
      • What are some conversation starters your lending officers can use to engage owners in these industries?