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ProfitStars’ LendingNetwork Added to ICBA Preferred Service Provider Program

Keep the deposit relationship and earn a fee on referrals! 

New agreement adds LendingNetwork® to long list of services ProfitStars already provides ICBA member banks at exclusive discounted rates.

LendingNetwork offers alternative financing from a group of more than 50 commercial lenders, whereby financial institutions (FIs) can refer business to the LendingNetwork when they do not meet in-house funding criteria or require special products. These partners handle all the loan risks while the bank retains the deposit relationship. FIs naturally expand their suite of products and provide assistance to small and newly started businesses deemed unbankable by traditional underwriting standards, but often need help meeting financial obligations.

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For more information, call Mark Messick, LendingNetwork Director at 615.565.7248 or mmessick@profitstars.coml