Support Growing Small Businesses with a Turnkey A/R Financing Program

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How can you differentiate your institution from competitors while building long-term relationships with small business owners?

By helping them meet their cash flow needs. With BusinessManager®, owners have access to working capital secured by their outstanding invoices, with funding in just 1-2 business days. It’s a turnkey program with built-in risk mitigation, a bank-controlled lockbox, and near real-time reporting.

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Benefits for community businesses:

  • Predictable cash flow
  • Ability to take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Reduced short term debt
  • Ability to offer flexible terms to customers
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Benefits for your financial institution:

  • Greater insight into financial health of the business
  • Yields are generally higher than those of traditional credit lines
  • Build core deposits
  • Improves consistency across lenders
  • Built-in risk mitigation tools

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Access the latest small business market data, get best practices on working capital financing, and learn how you can serve small businesses more profitably.

BusinessManager Toolkit Items

The toolkit includes:

  • Whitepaper: 7 Pillars of Effective Small Business Finance
  • Whitepaper: The FI Guide to Working Capital Finance
  • BusinessManager: How it Works
  • The BusinessManager Advantage
  • Infographic: BusinessManager Celebrates Milestones
  • Blog: Financing Accounts Receivable
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