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Commercial Lending OriginationCenter is a completely digital, fully-integrated loan acquisition and origination system. With OriginationCenter, you can automate your lending process from prospecting to analysis, review, and approval. When you work with OriginationCenter, you'll also improve underwriting and documentation of commercial loans – and ultimately your associates will make better business decisions.

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Benefits for community businesses:

  • Predictable cash flow
  • Ability to take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Reduced short term debt
  • Ability to offer flexible terms to customers
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Benefits for your financial institution:

  • Greater insight into financial health of the business
  • Yields are generally higher than those of traditional credit lines
  • Build core deposits
  • Improves consistency across lenders
  • Built-in risk mitigation tools

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Using the following resources, you can automate your processes for maximum efficiency and an improved borrower experience – starting today.


The toolkit includes:

  • 10 Elements of Effective Loan Generation - 2nd Edition
  • Blog: A Blueprint for Success: Designing Workflows for Lending Efficiency
  • Blog: Commercial Lending in the Palm of Your Hand
  • Blog: Using Loan Origination Strategies to Create Efficiency
  • OriginationCenter Infographic
  • OriginationCenter Product Slick
  • Mobile Application Slick
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