Searching for the Magnificent Seven: Critical Personality Traits for Commercial Lending Officers

We ask a LOT from commercial lending officers. You could even argue that we ask for two personalities in the same person. 

On one hand, we want a go-getter who can hit the streets and bring in business. On the other, we want an analytical numbers-cruncher who can liaison between business owners, their CPAs, and the financial institution.

Given everything we expect from these key men and women, it's frequently a challenge to find the "right fit" for new recruits. This white paper explores seven key personality traits for ideal commercial lending officers, including what makes these traits essential.

If you're adding to your team in the coming months, consider now what traits are essential for success. 

CLC_Hubspot_Icon_Whitepaper.pngDownload "Searching for the Magnificent Seven" to discover what traits truly great lenders possess.