FinTech Focus: Nine Core Elements of a Portfolio Management System

The next wave of fintech for commercial lending will be focused on post-funding processes — collectively known as portfolio management  and will have a major impact on loan monitoring practices.

This white paper explores the nine mission-critical components of a modern portfolio management system:

  1. Financial statement tracking, including secure electronic delivery 
  2. Collateral evaluations, including borrowing base calculations
  3. Covenant tracking
  4. Exception tracking
  5. Renewal facilitation
  6. Notices and alerts for lenders and C-level managers
  7. Profitability evaluations at the business level
  8. Predictive tools to determine additional lending needs of business clients
  9. General portfolio-level measures, including five key functions 

Your technology must stay current for your institution to effectively compete. 

CLC_Hubspot_Icon_Whitepaper.pngDownload "The Nine Core Elements of a Portfolio Management System" to understand what a modern system should include to be effective.